Support SoftKeys, Buy Some Themes

SoftKeys has a lot of options so you can use it the way you like.

Preferences: SoftKeys Service

These options control the always visible on-screen service. That includes the service popper, and the service bar.

Preferences: Virtual Home Button

These options control the behaviour of the virtual home button in both the main SoftKeys interface, and the on-screen softkeys service.

Preferences: Physical Home Button

These options control what SoftKeys does when you press the physical home button on the device if SoftKeys is set as the default launcher. These settings only have any effect if SoftKeys is the default launcher.

Preferences: Visuals and Layout

These options control the layout of the buttons and any visual elements like themes.

Preferences: Notification Bar

SoftKeys can also add notifications to the notification bar that will send virtual key presses.

Error Messages:
Failed to find file: [filename]

This error means SoftKeys was unable to find a system component it needs to operate. The two main components are SuperUser and the input script. Most android devices come preinstalled with the input script, and if your phone is rooted it usually has SuperUser installed as well. However it's possible to have a rooted phone and not have SuperUser installed. If this is the case then SoftKeys will probably not work correctly.

Usually what will happen is the virtual home button will work, but menu/back/search will not. If this is the case, make sure you have a working SuperUser installation.

Unable to check for file: [filename]

This means the policy manager on the device is disallowing the file check. You might see this instead of seeing the "Failed to find file" message. This means you may or may not have the required parts, but SoftKeys can't tell. SoftKeys may or may not work. If it doesn't work right, it will behave as explained above in the "Failed to find file" section.

Unable to execute as root

Something happened and SoftKeys was unable to obtain root access, which is required to send key events to other applications. Maybe something is wrong with your SuperUser installation, or you have denied SoftKeys root access when the SuperUser prompt was shown. In this case, it will function as described under "Failed to find file" because it will be unable to execute the required commands as root.