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--- a/ptr.h
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@@ -1,75 +0,0 @@
- * ptr.h -- type definitions for ptr (aka "pointer"), a char* replacement
- * which allows for '\0' inside a string.
- */
-#ifndef _PTR_H_
-#define _PTR_H_
-typedef struct s_ptr {
- int len;
- int max;
- int signature;
-} _ptr;
-typedef _ptr * ptr;
-#define sizeofptr ((int)(1 + sizeof(_ptr)))
-/* the + 0 below is to prohibit using the macros for altering the ptr */
-#define ptrlen(p) ((p)->len + 0)
-#define ptrmax(p) ((p)->max + 0)
-#define ptrdata(p) ((char *)((ptr)(p) + 1))
-/* if p is a valid (ptr), ptrdata(p) is guaranteed to be a valid (char *) */
-ptr ptrnew(int max);
-ptr ptrdup2(ptr src, int newmax);
-ptr ptrdup(ptr src);
-#define PTR_SIG 91887
-#define ptrdel(x) _ptrdel(x);x=(ptr)0;
-void _ptrdel(ptr p);
-void ptrzero(ptr p);
-void ptrshrink(ptr p, int len);
-void ptrtrunc(ptr p, int len);
-ptr ptrpad(ptr p, int len);
-ptr ptrsetlen(ptr p, int len);
-ptr ptrcpy(ptr dst, ptr src);
-ptr ptrmcpy(ptr dst, char *src, int len);
-ptr ptrcat(ptr dst, ptr src);
-ptr ptrmcat(ptr dst, char *src, int len);
-ptr __ptrcat(ptr dst, char *src, int len, int shrink);
-ptr __ptrmcpy(ptr dst, char *src, int len, int shrink);
-int ptrcmp(ptr p, ptr q);
-int ptrmcmp(ptr p, char *q, int lenq);
-char *ptrchr(ptr p, char c);
-char *ptrrchr(ptr p, char c);
-char *ptrfind(ptr p, ptr q);
-char *ptrmfind(ptr p, char *q, int lenq);
-char *ptrchrs(ptr p, ptr q);
-char *ptrmchrs(ptr p, char *q, int lenq);
-char *ptrrchrs(ptr p, ptr q);
-char *ptrmrchrs(ptr p, char *q, int lenq);
-char *memchrs(char *p, int lenp, char *q, int lenq);
-char *memrchrs(char *p, int lenp, char *q, int lenq);
-#ifdef _GNU_SOURCE
-# define memfind memmem
-char *memfind(char *hay, int haylen, char *needle, int needlelen);
-/* TODO: watch memrchr, it is defined differently here than under _GNU_SOURCE,
- * so it could cause bizarre results if a module makes use of a library that
- * uses it */
-char *memrchr(char *p, int lenp, char c);
-#endif /* _PTR_H_ */