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+ * main.h
+ * various constants etc
+ */
+#ifndef _MAIN_H_
+#define _MAIN_H_
+/* shared functions from main.c */
+void printver __P ((void));
+void status __P ((int s));
+void process_remote_input __P ((char *buf, int size));
+void push_params __P ((void));
+void pop_params __P ((void));
+void prompt_set_iac __P ((char *p));
+char *parse_instruction __P ((char *line, char silent, char subs, char jit_subs));
+char *get_next_instr __P ((char *p));
+void parse_user_input __P ((char *line, char silent));
+void set_deffile __P ((char *arg));
+int is_permanent_variable __P ((varnode *v));
+/* shared vars from main.c */
+extern char identified;
+extern int prompt_status, line_status;
+extern int limit_mem;
+extern char ready;
+extern VOLATILE char confirm;
+extern int history_done;
+extern int linemode;
+extern char hostname[];
+extern int portnumber;
+extern char deffile[], helpfile[], copyfile[];
+extern int cols, lines, cols_1; /* terminal window size */
+extern int olines; /* previous terminal window size */
+extern int line0, col0; /* origin of input line */
+extern varnode *prompt; /* $prompt is always set */
+extern ptr marked_prompt; /* $prompt with marks added */
+#define promptstr (ptrdata(prompt->str))
+#define promptlen (ptrlen(prompt->str))
+#define promptzero() (prompt_status = 0, ptrzero(prompt->str))
+extern char surely_isprompt; /* 1 if #prompt set #isprompt */
+extern char edbuf[]; /* input line buffer */
+extern int edlen; /* characters in edbuf */
+extern int pos; /* cursor position in edbuf */
+extern char edattrbeg[], edattrend[];
+extern int edattrbg;
+extern VOLATILE int sig_pending, sig_winch_got, sig_chld_got;
+extern long received, sent;
+#ifndef NO_CLOCK
+#include <time.h>
+extern clock_t start_clock, cpu_clock;
+extern aliasnode *aliases[MAX_HASH];
+extern aliasnode *sortedaliases;
+extern actionnode *actions;
+extern promptnode *prompts;
+extern marknode *markers;
+extern int a_nice;
+extern keynode *keydefs;
+extern delaynode *delays;
+extern delaynode *dead_delays;
+extern varnode *named_vars[2][MAX_HASH];
+extern varnode *sortednamed_vars[2];
+extern int num_named_vars[2];
+extern int max_named_vars;
+extern vars *var;
+#define VAR (var+NUMVAR)
+extern ptr globptr[];
+extern char globptrok;
+#define TAKE_PTR(pbuf, buf) do { if (globptrok & 1) globptrok &= ~1, pbuf = globptr; else if (globptrok & 2) globptrok &= ~2, pbuf = globptr + 1; else pbuf = &buf; } while(0)
+#define DROP_PTR(pbuf) do { if (*pbuf == *globptr) globptrok |= 1; else if (*pbuf == *(globptr+1)) globptrok |= 2; else ptrdel(*pbuf); } while(0)
+extern vtime now, start_time, ref_time;
+extern int now_updated;
+extern char initstr[];
+extern char prefixstr[];
+extern char inserted_next[];
+extern char flashback;
+extern int excursion;
+extern char verbatim;
+extern char opt_exit;
+extern char opt_history;
+extern char opt_words;
+extern char opt_compact;
+extern char opt_debug;
+extern char opt_wrap;
+extern char echo_ext;
+extern char echo_int;
+extern char echo_key;
+extern char opt_speedwalk;
+extern char opt_autoprint;
+extern char opt_reprint;
+extern char opt_sendsize;
+extern char opt_autoclear;
+extern function_str last_edit_cmd;
+extern char *delim_list[];
+extern int delim_len[];
+extern char *delim_name[];
+extern int delim_mode;
+extern char action_chars[];
+#endif /* _MAIN_H_ */