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@@ -297,6 +297,25 @@ expression) to the word completion list. Example:
#action >reply ^$1 tells you={#print;#add $1}
(from now on, you can use TAB to complete that name)
+#addstatic {text|(expression)}
+Add the text or result of expression (calculator is used to evaluate the
+expression) to the static word completion list. Example:
+#addstatic Tintin Milou (from now on you can always use Tab to complete
+ these two names)
+Note that the static list is not saved when you run #save, and its
+words will never be overwritten as new words are added.
+It is best used from your #init command, for example:
+#init ={#identify;#exe <static-completions}
+If the 'static-completions' file contains a number of #addstatic
+commands, all those words will always be possible to Tab-complete on.
#option [+-=]<option> | list