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* Don't include dlfcn.h if no libdlSteve Slaven2005-03-211-0/+3
* Check for libdlSteve Slaven2005-03-211-0/+1
* Do not include #module support if there is no libdlSteve Slaven2005-03-211-1/+5
* Updated to include the debian build files in the make dist, also regeneratedSteve Slaven2005-03-133-283/+117
* Made #module print messages prefixed with #module instead of #lib, also displaySteve Slaven2005-03-122-2/+7
* Changed #module to not require the .so extension, and added some checksSteve Slaven2005-03-122-1/+7
* Changed the #module command to handle searching multiple (currently compiled in)Steve Slaven2005-03-121-6/+18
* Initial revisionv1.2.7Steve Slaven2005-03-1258-0/+28683
* New repository initialized by cvs2svn.Steve Slaven2005-03-120-0/+0