To set up the project:

Go to properties -> add external jar -> path to android/platforms/4/android.jar

To create the jar:

Right-click the RootContext.java in eclipse -> export -> jar

This will exclude the stub files needed to compile, creating a normal java
jar, then you need to make it a dex jar:

dx --dex --outfile output.jar RootContext.jar

Include the output.jar file for the app_process jar

This jar needs to be dx'ed so it will run from android, normally if you
include a jar in your project and build an apk it will be dx'ed when it is
put in the apk.  Since we use this as an asset and spool it out to run
natively we must dx it ourself.

The dx tool can also create a jar from a single .class file, so if you
compiled using a command line tool you can just create the jar from the

dx --dex --output=RemoteContext.jar net/hoopajoo/android/RemoteContext.class