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+SoftKeys Theme Template v1.0
+/* This program is free software. It comes without any warranty, to
+ * the extent permitted by applicable law. You can redistribute it
+ * and/or modify it under the terms of the Do What The Fuck You Want
+ * To Public License, Version 2, as published by Sam Hocevar. See
+ * http://sam.zoy.org/wtfpl/COPYING for more details. */
+Usage instructions:
+1.-Load the template into eclipse:
+ 1.a-On eclipse, select new android project
+ 1.b-On the new project screen, select "Project from existing source" and select the theme template dir.
+ 1.c-Click finish.
+2.-Modify the app packagename and path (you should change if from x.x.x to your.package.name)
+ 2.a-On eclipse, look into your project explorer, rightclick the x.x.x package and select "Refactor->Rename..." and follow the instructions.
+3.-Editing the AndroidManifest.xml:
+ 3.a-EDIT ONLY the packagename AND versioncode/versionname to suit your needs.
+ 3.b-If you remove/change the installLocation param, your theme could not be loaded on boot on froyo phones.
+ 3.c-If you remove/change the "net.hoopajoo.android.SoftKeys.THEMES" intent filter and/or the "android.intent.category.DEFAULT" category, your theme won't be visible to SoftKeys users.
+ 3.d-This template is preconfigured to NOT show on the application drawer so users don't get bloated with theme icons on their app drawers.
+4.-Edit the res/values/theme_config.xml to your needs.
+5.-Edit the different drawables in there.
+6.-For advanced theming you can also create custom layouts
+7.-Export the apk from eclipse as every other android app.
+Quick start:
+For simple themes you just need to create the new icons you want and name
+for the button background:
+How themes are applied:
+The interface is built up at runtime from chunks, using the most specific
+resource when available. The main interface bound to the home button is
+composed of the button container and the soft key buttons. For basic
+theming like just changing the button backgrounds and icons you can just
+create some drawables.
+Drawables for buttons are built up using the most specific resource of:
+Foreground icon:
+ main_button_<button name>
+ main_button
+ button_<button name>
+ button
+Background drawable:
+ main_button_background_<button name>
+ main_button_background
+ button_background_<button name>
+ button_background
+Button names are:
+ back
+ home
+ menu
+ search
+ settings
+ exit
+So for example if you wanted to make a common background for all buttons in
+the main window, create a main_button_background drawable (xml or png or
+whatever). Then if you wanted to make the home button have a different
+background you could create a main_button_background_home. If you used
+all png drawables you would have these files:
+For more advanced changes you can modify the padding or anything else from
+an xml layout by creating a layout named the same as the foreground icon,
+so if you wanted to do something special with the home button you could
+This layout should contain just an imagebutton. There is a sample in the
+samples/ directory.
+If you want to change the button container background you can specify a
+custom 9 patch or just a background image or modify the xml, in the same
+was as the buttons. The naming for the button container is:
+ main_button_container
+ button_container
+You can also specify a background in the same way as a drawable without
+making custom xml using:
+ main_button_container_background
+ button_container_background
+For the service window popup it works the same way but everything is
+prefixed with service_ instead of main_, e.g. the home button in the
+service window is:
+ service_button_home
+If you want to use the same icons for both, you can omit the prefix. So to
+use the same icons for home in the service window and the main window just
+Then it will be used in both places.
+To theme the button that triggers the service popup use:
+ service_button_popper
+e.g. you can make it not be the main icon by creating a png: