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* Add long press handler for service home button to use settings from prefsSteve Slaven2011-01-041-1/+1
* Fixed service to call global sendkeys directly, fixed sendkeys to build theSteve Slaven2011-01-043-30/+15
* Replaced some magic numbers with constantsSteve Slaven2011-01-041-5/+5
* Moved some constants and they key resolver out to a utility classSteve Slaven2011-01-042-14/+93
* Added keyid supportSteve Slaven2011-01-041-1/+4
* Moved main key sending stuff in to globals, added new smaller activity toSteve Slaven2011-01-045-138/+327
* Added more notes about the nook jitterSteve Slaven2011-01-041-6/+11
* Another attempt to reduce jitter by limiting max call per secondSteve Slaven2011-01-041-2/+12
* Repost the new calc coords after ending touch event in case it jittered outSteve Slaven2011-01-032-56/+72
* Background is white to match webviewSteve Slaven2011-01-031-0/+1
* Make getting started be whats new instead, based on last version code ofSteve Slaven2011-01-033-4/+15
* Make only the stop button rotate the service view, added a basic inputSteve Slaven2011-01-032-32/+25
* On first run show the home service like normal, allowing the popup to runSteve Slaven2011-01-032-25/+12
* Allow overriding button layouts similar to the container by specifying theSteve Slaven2011-01-031-4/+33
* Adding smoother class to try and stop the drag jitter, currently it doesSteve Slaven2011-01-012-2/+118
* Correctly handle hiding background for button_container views created fromSteve Slaven2010-12-281-3/+20
* Nest all the prefs since there are so manySteve Slaven2010-12-282-16/+27
* Pop getting started before we hide first timeSteve Slaven2010-12-281-5/+5
* Add real menu so people may see "help" quicker instead of digging in theSteve Slaven2010-12-283-1/+40
* Add help/getting started documentsSteve Slaven2010-12-277-0/+168
* Allow specifying the button container id in the theme config if you want toSteve Slaven2010-12-271-22/+28
* Allow specifying tiling modes in the theme config, allow overriding theSteve Slaven2010-12-272-3/+86
* Add theme flags to resize background the same way we resize icons soSteve Slaven2010-12-272-1/+44
* Remove unused importsSteve Slaven2010-12-233-12/+0
* Initial commitv3.00Steve Slaven2010-12-2336-0/+2891