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* Add help/getting started documentsSteve Slaven2010-12-273-0/+109
* Allow specifying the button container id in the theme config if you want toSteve Slaven2010-12-271-22/+28
| | | | wrap it up in an override xml layout
* Allow specifying tiling modes in the theme config, allow overriding theSteve Slaven2010-12-272-3/+86
| | | | | button container view with some kind of wrapper view and specifying the actual view group to add buttons to
* Add theme flags to resize background the same way we resize icons soSteve Slaven2010-12-272-1/+44
| | | | everything is the same size
* Remove unused importsSteve Slaven2010-12-233-12/+0
* Initial commitv3.00Steve Slaven2010-12-238-0/+1931