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Updated build-process information and updated where bugs and patches
should be sent to
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@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
- powwow 1.2.4 README
+ powwow 1.2.8 README
Powwow is a client program intended mainly for playing MUD.
It implements (a subset of) the telnet protocol.
@@ -9,11 +9,8 @@ Files you should have received:
README This text.
Changelog What has changed since the last release.
powwow.doc Complete documentation. READ this!
- make_it A shell script that automatically compiles powwow on
- many systems.
- Compile.how A hopefully detailed text file showing how to compile
- powwow on different systems.
- Makefile Makefile: tailor it for your system if make_it fails.
+ configure A shell script that will create a Makefile
+ suitable for your system
*.[ch] Sources.
tools/* Additional standalone utilities.
powwow.help Online help file (in plain ASCII).
@@ -26,16 +23,28 @@ Files you should have received:
- Try the shell-script 'make_it', ie type './make_it'.
- If that doesn't work, read the file 'Compile.how', try to edit
- the 'Makefile' manually and either run './make_it' or 'make'.
- If you have to edit the Makefile, or edit the source
- code, to get it to work, pleae e-mail any changes you did to:
- <max@Linuz.sns.it>. Also include info on what system you have
- (type 'uname -a' to get the necessary info).
+ powwow is built using GNU autoconf scripts, it should detect any
+ system dependancies it needs and set the appropriate flags. Just
+ run:
- You may also want to edit the Makefile in order to fine-tune powwow
- to your system (change optimizations, include regexp library, etc.)
+ ./configure
+ make
+ To build the powwow binary. It will run from any location, but there
+ are some settings set at compile time that will make more sense if
+ you use the "install" make target to install the binaries and
+ documentation together. For example, POWWOWDIR will default to the
+ location that "make install" will put the online powwow documentation,
+ making the #help feature work out of the box without modifying any
+ settings or flags.
+ If you require changes to the build process, please e-mail the problems
+ (and hopefully solution) to me at bpk@hoopajoo.net. Also please
+ include your system information (uname -a, etc)
+ There are also some other options that may be turned on or off or
+ forced using configure. Try "configure --help" to see the full
+ list of compile-time configuration options.
@@ -101,7 +110,7 @@ BUGS
If you have any problems with powwow, try to fix them yourself
(you have the source, right?) or at least isolate the bugs so
- the maintainer has a fair change of fixing them. Don't expect
+ the maintainer has a fair chance of fixing them. Don't expect
a bug to be fixed, unless you explain it in detail (expecially
how to reproduce it) and supply the powwow and OS version,
as well as the compilation options.
@@ -124,11 +133,14 @@ AUTHORS OF POWWOW
Massimiliano Ghilardi <max@Linuz.sns.it>, alias Cosmos,
is the original author, and Gustav Hållberg <f92-gha@nada.kth.se>
contributed a lot of new features.
- The powwow WWW page is: http://Linuz.sns.it/~max/powwow.html
+ powwow moved to hoopajoo.net in 2005, and is now maintained by
+ Steve Slaven <bpk@hoopajoo.net>
+ The powwow WWW page is: http://hoopajoo.net/projects/powwow.html
If you forgot where you downloaded powwow from, you can get it from
- the above address, or from
- ftp://Linuz.sns.it/pub/Linux/ext-pack/powwow/
+ the above address.
To learn more about MUME, have a look at http://fire.pvv.org/mume/
which also explains how to connect.