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+Some notices for you who would like to hack the source in order to
+improve powwow, fix bugs or just have fun:
+* Try not to run large chunks of existing code through your C
+ beautifier if the indentation style doesn't please you. This will
+ only greatly confuse the original author (if he can't recognize and
+ maintain his own code, who can?). If you write any new functions,
+ ok, use your own style as long as it's clear and consistent.
+* For portability, powwow is written using a few #defines that can
+ generate either K&R and ANSI function prototypes depending on the compiler,
+ so that it (should) compile fine in both cases.
+ If people convince me that non-ANSI compilers are rare enough these days,
+ we could switch to ANSI-only prototypes. Even then, please, do NOT
+ use any gcc-specific features (I've seen the char constant '\e' in some
+ places) even if gcc is very common. Our goal should be to let the
+ maximum number of people use powwow. (Most non-ANSI compilers grok
+ void and unsigned, so these are safe to use.)
+* For the same reason, do NOT use C++ style comments //
+* To sum it up, assume that the user has:
+ - a non-ANSI C compiler (use the __P, __P0, __P1, ... defines!)
+ - an exotic non-VT100 terminal (use TERMCAP!), possibly on a slow line
+ - a slow workstation, or a larger computer shared by 100 users and
+ aggressive sysadmins who think that mudding doesn't justify 10% or
+ even 5% CPU load.
+* Document your changes! A brief report of changes in the Changelog file is
+ absolutely necessary. So is updating the doc files (powwow.doc, powwow_help
+ and README) Also, sending an e-mail to the code author/mantainer documenting
+ your changes will be appreciated.
+Report from cancan's `Hacking':
+ Remember, that although I (Yorick) am the original author, I don't dictate
+ the code; it is explicitly in the public domain. I am merely trying to keep
+ some kind of order; if versions are permitted to diverge, they are very
+ painful to merge later. Also, different version branches are very confusing,
+ and makes it hard to define the "latest and best" version. Please try to
+ synchronize your hacks into one - the latest - version!
+Well, Yorick refused to merge Powwow and Cancan, so now they both exist
+indipendently... Now I (Cosmos) say exactly the same thing Yorick said
+('do not let version diverge'), but I fear this will happen again :(
+Only difference is that powwow is now GPL-ed and not Public Domain.
+I hope this will help a little.
+* Rather than you just distributing your hacked version, I _really_ prefer you
+ to send back to me your changes, so that I can put them into the following
+ release. You lose nothing doing so, since even in case I refuse to include
+ your changes you can still distribute your version if you absolutely want :)
+ Even if you decide to distribute such a modified version, please
+ make it clear that it is not the original version, use a version number
+ which can't be confused with an original version, and put your name
+ in Changelog and in POWWOW_VERSION.
+* I've tried to make the code obey the following rules for modularity:
+ - All exported things from one .c file is declared in its .h file.
+ - Conversely, symbols are imported by #including .h files,
+ not by local extern declarations.
+ - Everything that can be static should be (this is not quite true yet)
+ Please obey these rules (or improve them).