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Convert all `' to "" as per the powwow-1.2.6-dain patch. Note I did not apply
the patch since 1.2.7 has some differences to 1.2.5 with regard to command handling and things, so I'm applying the diff parts by hand mostly
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This mini-program is mainly intended for debugging powwow.
It is completely standalone, and needs to be called with a file-name
-(example: `follow mycapture').
-Hitting ESC or ^C quits `follow', hitting RETURN prints the next line
+(example: "follow mycapture").
+Hitting ESC or ^C quits "follow", hitting RETURN prints the next line
of the file, any other key prints the next character (only one) of the file
I know it is a _stupid_ program, but it is useful if you find screen-related
bugs in powwow, i.e. powwow does not print some lines or prints something
In that case, if you redirect powwow output to a file and reproduce the bug,
-you can use `follow your-filename' to examine the file and see what is wrong
+you can use "follow your-filename" to examine the file and see what is wrong
How to send a copy of powwow output to a file:
powwow your-arguments | tee your-filename