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-'term' was written by Michael O'Reilly.
-If you don't know what term is, then you can ignore this file. :)
-Otherwise, if you want term support, read on...
-You need to edit the Makefile and edit the TERMDIR variable to the
-directory of your term source and client.a.
-If you don't want 'term' compression on for powwow, take out the
--DTERM_COMPRESS in the CFLAGS variable in the Makefile.
-Edit any of the other variables you find neccessary.
-Read the original README for information you might need to know.
-Then do "make termpowwow"
-Note: Unfortunately one of the setbacks of termpowwow is that it won't
-detect unknown hosts, nor will it detect if the host refused the connection.
-If you don't get any output from a host after a few moments, then you'll
-have to ^C. I don't think there's any way around this.
-(note - term support does not allow multiple sessions...)