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authorGustav HÃ¥llberg <gustav@gmail.com>2009-01-16 23:46:26 (GMT)
committerGustav HÃ¥llberg <gustav@gmail.com>2009-01-16 23:46:26 (GMT)
commit7d85d4e9500b2d1d802b8c5b15307ee9c770c245 (patch)
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fixed formatting errors in '#help'
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diff --git a/cmd.c b/cmd.c
index e633b5f..628d213 100644
--- a/cmd.c
+++ b/cmd.c
@@ -73,88 +73,173 @@ static void cmd_color _;
/* This must be init'd now at runtime */
cmdstruct *commands = NULL;
+#define C(name, func, help) { NULL, name, help, func, NULL }
/* The builtin commands */
cmdstruct default_commands[] =
- {NULL,"help", "[keys|math|command]\tthis text, or help on specified topic", cmd_help,NULL},
- {NULL,"17", "command\t\t\trepeat \"command\" 17 times", (function_str)0,NULL},
+ C("help", cmd_help,
+ "[keys|math|command]\tthis text, or help on specified topic"),
+ C("17", (function_str)0,
+ "command\t\t\trepeat \"command\" 17 times"),
#ifndef NO_SHELL
- {NULL,"!", "shell-command\t\texecute a shell command using /bin/sh", cmd_shell,NULL},
+ C("!", cmd_shell,
+ "shell-command\t\texecute a shell command using /bin/sh"),
- {NULL,"action", "[[<|=|>|%][+|-]name] [{pattern|(expression)} [=[command]]]\n\t\t\t\tdelete/list/define actions", cmd_action,NULL},
- {NULL,"add", "{string|(expr)}\t\tadd the string to word completion list", cmd_add,NULL},
- {NULL,"alias", "[name[=[text]]]\t\tdelete/list/define aliases", cmd_alias,NULL},
- {NULL,"at", "[name [(time-string) [command]]\tset time of delayed label", cmd_at,NULL},
- {NULL,"beep", "\t\t\t\tmake your terminal beep (like #print (*7))", cmd_beep,NULL},
- {NULL,"bind", "[edit|name [seq][=[command]]]\tdelete/list/define key bindings", cmd_bind,NULL},
- {NULL,"cancel", "[number]\t\tcancel editing session", cmd_cancel,NULL},
- {NULL,"capture", "[filename]\t\tbegin/end of capture to file", cmd_capture,NULL},
- {NULL,"clear", "\t\t\tclear input line (use from spawned programs)", cmd_clear,NULL},
+ C("action", cmd_action,
+ "[[<|=|>|%][+|-]name] [{pattern|(expression)} [=[command]]]\n"
+ "\t\t\t\tdelete/list/define actions"),
+ C("add", cmd_add,
+ "{string|(expr)}\t\tadd the string to word completion list"),
+ C("alias", cmd_alias,
+ "[name[=[text]]]\t\tdelete/list/define aliases"),
+ C("at", cmd_at,
+ "[name [(time-string) [command]]\n\t\t\t\tset time of delayed label"),
+ C("beep", cmd_beep,
+ "\t\t\t\tmake your terminal beep (like #print (*7))"),
+ C("bind", cmd_bind,
+ "[edit|name [seq][=[command]]]\n"
+ "\t\t\t\tdelete/list/define key bindings"),
+ C("cancel", cmd_cancel,
+ "[number]\t\tcancel editing session"),
+ C("capture", cmd_capture,
+ "[filename]\t\tbegin/end of capture to file"),
+ C("clear", cmd_clear,
+ "\t\t\tclear input line (use from spawned programs)"),
- {NULL,"color", "attr\t\t\tset default colors/attributes", cmd_color,NULL},
+ C("color", cmd_color,
+ "attr\t\t\tset default colors/attributes"),
- {NULL,"connect", "[connect-id [initstr] [address port]\topen a new connection", cmd_connect,NULL},
- {NULL,"cpu", "\t\t\t\tshow CPU time used by powwow", cmd_cpu,NULL},
- {NULL,"delim", "[normal|program|{custom [chars]}]\n\t\t\t\tset word completion delimeters", cmd_delim,NULL},
- {NULL,"do", "(expr) command\t\trepeat \"command\" (expr) times", cmd_do,NULL},
- {NULL,"edit", "\t\t\t\tlist editing sessions", cmd_edit,NULL},
- {NULL,"emulate", "[<|!]{text|(expr)}\tprocess result as if received from host", cmd_emulate,NULL},
- {NULL,"exe", "[<|!]{text|(string-expr)}\texecute result as if typed from keyboard", cmd_exe,NULL},
- {NULL,"file", "[=[filename]]\t\tset/show powwow definition file", cmd_file,NULL},
- {NULL,"for", "([init];check;[loop]) command\twhile \"check\" is true exec \"command\"", cmd_for,NULL},
- {NULL,"group", "[name] [on|off|list]\tgroup alias/action manipulation", cmd_group,NULL},
- {NULL,"groupdelim", "[delimiter]\tchange delimiter for action/alias groups", cmd_groupdelim,NULL},
- {NULL,"hilite", "[attr]\t\t\thighlight your input line", cmd_hilite,NULL},
- {NULL,"history", "[{number|(expr)}]\tlist/execute commands in history", cmd_history,NULL},
- {NULL,"host", "[hostname port]]\tset/show address of default host", cmd_host,NULL},
- {NULL,"identify", "[startact [endact]]\tsend MUME client identification", cmd_identify,NULL},
- {NULL,"if", "(expr) instr1 [; #else instr2]\tif \"expr\" is true execute \"instr1\"\n\t\t\t\totherwise execute \"instr2\"", cmd_if,NULL},
- {NULL,"in", "[label [(delay) [command]]]\tdelete/list/define delayed labels", cmd_in,NULL},
- {NULL,"init", "[=[command]]\t\tdefine command to execute on connect to host", cmd_init,NULL},
- {NULL,"isprompt", "\t\t\trecognize a prompt as such", cmd_isprompt,NULL},
- {NULL,"key", "name\t\t\texecute the \"name\" key binding", cmd_key,NULL},
- {NULL,"keyedit", "editing-name\t\trun a line-editing function", cmd_keyedit,NULL},
- {NULL,"load", "[filename]\t\tload powwow settings from file", cmd_load,NULL},
- {NULL,"map", "[-[number]|walksequence]\tshow/clear/edit (auto)map", cmd_map,NULL},
- {NULL,"mark", "[string[=[attr]]]\t\tdelete/list/define markers", cmd_mark,NULL},
+ C("connect", cmd_connect,
+ "[connect-id [initstr] [address port]\n"
+ "\t\t\t\topen a new connection"),
+ C("cpu", cmd_cpu,
+ "\t\t\t\tshow CPU time used by powwow"),
+ C("delim", cmd_delim,
+ "[normal|program|{custom [chars]}]\n"
+ "\t\t\t\tset word completion delimeters"),
+ C("do", cmd_do,
+ "(expr) command\t\trepeat \"command\" (expr) times"),
+ C("edit", cmd_edit,
+ "\t\t\t\tlist editing sessions"),
+ C("emulate", cmd_emulate,
+ "[<|!]{text|(expr)}\tprocess result as if received from host"),
+ C("exe", cmd_exe,
+ "[<|!]{text|(string-expr)}\texecute result as if typed from keyboard"),
+ C("file", cmd_file,
+ "[=[filename]]\t\tset/show powwow definition file"),
+ C("for", cmd_for,
+ "([init];check;[loop]) command\n"
+ "\t\t\t\twhile \"check\" is true exec \"command\""),
+ C("group", cmd_group,
+ "[name] [on|off|list]\tgroup alias/action manipulation"),
+ C("groupdelim", cmd_groupdelim,
+ "[delimiter]\tchange delimiter for action/alias groups"),
+ C("hilite", cmd_hilite,
+ "[attr]\t\t\thighlight your input line"),
+ C("history", cmd_history,
+ "[{number|(expr)}]\tlist/execute commands in history"),
+ C("host", cmd_host,
+ "[hostname port]]\tset/show address of default host"),
+ C("identify", cmd_identify,
+ "[startact [endact]]\tsend MUME client identification"),
+ C("if", cmd_if,
+ "(expr) instr1 [; #else instr2]\n"
+ "\t\t\t\tif \"expr\" is true execute \"instr1\",\n"
+ "\t\t\t\totherwise execute \"instr2\""),
+ C("in", cmd_in,
+ "[label [(delay) [command]]]\tdelete/list/define delayed labels"),
+ C("init", cmd_init,
+ "[=[command]]\t\tdefine command to execute on connect to host"),
+ C("isprompt", cmd_isprompt,
+ "\t\t\trecognize a prompt as such"),
+ C("key", cmd_key,
+ "name\t\t\texecute the \"name\" key binding"),
+ C("keyedit", cmd_keyedit,
+ "editing-name\t\trun a line-editing function"),
+ C("load", cmd_load,
+ "[filename]\t\tload powwow settings from file"),
+ C("map", cmd_map,
+ "[-[number]|walksequence]\tshow/clear/edit (auto)map"),
+ C("mark", cmd_mark,
+ "[string[=[attr]]]\t\tdelete/list/define markers"),
- {NULL,"module","[name]\t\tload shared library extension", cmd_module,NULL},
+ C("module", cmd_module,
+ "[name]\t\t\tload shared library extension"),
- {NULL,"movie", "[filename]\t\tbegin/end of movie record to file", cmd_movie,NULL},
- {NULL,"net", "\t\t\t\tprint amount of data received from/sent to host", cmd_net,NULL},
- {NULL,"nice", "[{number|(expr)}[command]]\tset/show priority of new actions/marks", cmd_nice,NULL},
- {NULL,"option", "[[+|-|=]name]\t\tturn various options", cmd_option,NULL},
- {NULL,"prefix", "string\t\t\tprefix all lines with string", cmd_prefix,NULL},
- {NULL,"", "(expr)\t\t\tevaluate expression, trashing result", cmd_eval,NULL},
- {NULL,"print", "[<|!][text|(expr)]\tprint text/result on screen, appending a \\n\n\t\t\t\tif no argument, prints value of variable $0", cmd_print,NULL},
- {NULL,"prompt", "[[<|=|>|%][+|-]name] [{pattern|(expression)} [=[prompt-command]]]\n\t\t\t\tdelete/list/define actions on prompts", cmd_prompt,NULL},
- {NULL,"put", "{text|(expr)}\t\tput text/result of expression in history", cmd_put,NULL},
- {NULL,"qui", "\t\t\t\tdo nothing", cmd_qui,NULL},
- {NULL,"quit", "\t\t\t\tquit powwow", cmd_quit,NULL},
- {NULL,"quote", "[on|off]\t\t\ttoggle verbatim-flag on/off", cmd_quote,NULL},
- {NULL,"rawsend", "{string|(expr)}\t\tsend raw data to the MUD", cmd_rawsend,NULL},
- {NULL,"rawprint", "{string|(expr)}\t\tsend raw data to the screen", cmd_rawprint,NULL},
- {NULL,"rebind", "name [seq]\t\tchange sequence of a key binding", cmd_rebind,NULL},
- {NULL,"rebindall", "\t\t\trebind all key bindings", cmd_rebindall,NULL},
- {NULL,"rebindALL", "\t\t\trebind ALL key bindings, even trivial ones", cmd_rebindALL,NULL},
- {NULL,"record", "[filename]\t\tbegin/end of record to file", cmd_record,NULL},
- {NULL,"request", "[editor][prompt][all]\tsend various identification strings", cmd_request,NULL},
- {NULL,"reset", "<list-name>\t\tclear the whole defined list and reload default", cmd_reset,NULL},
- {NULL,"retrace", "[number]\t\tretrace the last number steps", cmd_retrace,NULL},
- {NULL,"save", "[filename]\t\tsave powwow settings to file", cmd_save,NULL},
- {NULL,"send", "[<|!]{text|(expr)}\teval expression, sending result to the MUD", cmd_send,NULL},
- {NULL,"setvar", "name[=text|(expr)]\tset/show internal limits and variables", cmd_setvar,NULL},
- {NULL,"snoop", "connect-id\t\ttoggle output display for connections", cmd_snoop,NULL},
- {NULL,"spawn", "connect-id command\ttalk with a shell command", cmd_spawn,NULL},
- {NULL,"speedwalk", "[speedwalk sequence]\texecute a speedwalk sequence explicitly", cmd_speedwalk,NULL},
- {NULL,"stop", "\t\t\t\tremove all delayed commands from active list", cmd_stop,NULL},
- {NULL,"time", "\t\t\t\tprint current time and date", cmd_time,NULL},
- {NULL,"var", "variable [= [<|!]{string|(expr)} ]\twrite result into the variable", cmd_var,NULL},
- {NULL,"ver", "\t\t\t\tshow powwow version", cmd_ver,NULL},
- {NULL,"while", "(expr) instr\t\twhile \"expr\" is true execute \"instr\"", cmd_while,NULL},
- {NULL,"write", "[>|!](expr;name)\t\twrite result of expr to \"name\" file", cmd_write,NULL},
- {NULL,"zap", "connect-id\t\t\tclose a connection", cmd_zap,NULL},
- {NULL,(char *)0, (char *)0, (function_str)0,NULL}
+ C("movie", cmd_movie,
+ "[filename]\t\tbegin/end of movie record to file"),
+ C("net", cmd_net,
+ "\t\t\t\tprint amount of data received from/sent to host"),
+ C("nice", cmd_nice,
+ "[{number|(expr)}[command]]\n"
+ "\t\t\t\tset/show priority of new actions/marks"),
+ C("option", cmd_option,
+ "[[+|-|=]name]|list\tlist or view various options"),
+ C("prefix", cmd_prefix,
+ "string\t\t\tprefix all lines with string"),
+ C("", cmd_eval,
+ "(expr)\t\t\tevaluate expression, trashing result"),
+ C("print", cmd_print,
+ "[<|!][text|(expr)]\tprint text/result on screen, appending a \\n\n"
+ "\t\t\t\tif no argument, prints value of variable $0"),
+ C("prompt", cmd_prompt,
+ "[[<|=|>|%][+|-]name] [{pattern|(expression)} [=[prompt-command]]]\n"
+ "\t\t\t\tdelete/list/define actions on prompts"),
+ C("put", cmd_put,
+ "{text|(expr)}\t\tput text/result of expression in history"),
+ C("qui", cmd_qui,
+ "\t\t\t\tdo nothing"),
+ C("quit", cmd_quit,
+ "\t\t\t\tquit powwow"),
+ C("quote", cmd_quote,
+ "[on|off]\t\t\ttoggle verbatim-flag on/off"),
+ C("rawsend", cmd_rawsend,
+ "{string|(expr)}\tsend raw data to the MUD"),
+ C("rawprint", cmd_rawprint,
+ "{string|(expr)}\tsend raw data to the screen"),
+ C("rebind", cmd_rebind,
+ "name [seq]\t\tchange sequence of a key binding"),
+ C("rebindall", cmd_rebindall,
+ "\t\t\trebind all key bindings"),
+ C("rebindALL", cmd_rebindALL,
+ "\t\t\trebind ALL key bindings, even trivial ones"),
+ C("record", cmd_record,
+ "[filename]\t\tbegin/end of record to file"),
+ C("request", cmd_request,
+ "[editor][prompt][all]\tsend various identification strings"),
+ C("reset", cmd_reset,
+ "<list-name>\t\tclear the whole defined list and reload default"),
+ C("retrace", cmd_retrace,
+ "[number]\t\tretrace the last number steps"),
+ C("save", cmd_save,
+ "[filename]\t\tsave powwow settings to file"),
+ C("send", cmd_send,
+ "[<|!]{text|(expr)}\teval expression, sending result to the MUD"),
+ C("setvar", cmd_setvar,
+ "name[=text|(expr)]\tset/show internal limits and variables"),
+ C("snoop", cmd_snoop,
+ "connect-id\t\ttoggle output display for connections"),
+ C("spawn", cmd_spawn,
+ "connect-id command\ttalk with a shell command"),
+ C("speedwalk", cmd_speedwalk,
+ "[speedwalk sequence]\texecute a speedwalk sequence explicitly"),
+ C("stop", cmd_stop,
+ "\t\t\t\tremove all delayed commands from active list"),
+ C("time", cmd_time,
+ "\t\t\t\tprint current time and date"),
+ C("var", cmd_var,
+ "variable [= [<|!]{string|(expr)} ]\n"
+ "\t\t\t\twrite result into the variable"),
+ C("ver", cmd_ver,
+ "\t\t\t\tshow powwow version"),
+ C("while", cmd_while,
+ "(expr) instr\t\twhile \"expr\" is true execute \"instr\""),
+ C("write", cmd_write,
+ "[>|!](expr;name)\t\twrite result of expr to \"name\" file"),
+ C("zap", cmd_zap,
+ "connect-id\t\t\tclose a connection"),
+ { NULL }
char *_cmd_sort_name( cmdstruct *cmd ) {
@@ -239,7 +324,7 @@ static void cmd_module __P1 (char *,arg) {
int pindex;
struct stat junk;
char *prefixes[] = {
- "./",
+ ".",