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committerSteve Slaven <bpk@hoopajoo.net>2005-03-12 00:27:55 (GMT)
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@@ -0,0 +1,75 @@
+/* public things from edit.c */
+#ifndef _EDIT_H_
+#define _EDIT_H_
+typedef struct {
+ char *name;
+ function_str funct;
+} edit_function;
+extern edit_function internal_functions[];
+ * GH: completion list, stolen from cancan 2.6.3a
+ *
+ * words[wordindex] is where the next word will go (always empty)
+ * words[wordindex].prev is last (least interesting)
+ * words[wordindex].next is 2nd (first to search for completion)
+ */
+#define WORD_UNIQUE 1 /* word is unique in list */
+#define WORD_RETAIN 2 /* permanent (#command) */
+typedef struct {
+ char *word;
+ int next, prev;
+ char flags;
+} wordnode;
+extern char *hist[MAX_HIST];
+extern int curline;
+extern int pickline;
+extern wordnode words[MAX_WORDS];
+extern int wordindex;
+/* public function declarations */
+void edit_bootstrap __P ((void));
+int lookup_edit_name __P ((char *name, char **arg));
+int lookup_edit_function __P ((function_str funct));
+void draw_prompt __P ((void));
+void clear_input_line __P ((int deleteprompt));
+void draw_input_line __P ((void));
+void redraw_line __P ((char *dummy));
+void redraw_line_noprompt __P ((char *dummy));
+void transpose_words __P ((char *dummy));
+void transpose_chars __P ((char *dummy));
+void kill_to_eol __P ((char *dummy));
+void end_of_line __P ((char *dummy));
+void begin_of_line __P ((char *dummy));
+void del_char_right __P ((char *dummy));
+void del_char_left __P ((char *dummy));
+void to_history __P ((char *dummy));
+void put_history __P ((char *str));
+void complete_word __P ((char *dummy));
+void complete_line __P ((char *dummy));
+void put_word __P ((char *s));
+void set_custom_delimeters __P ((char *s));
+void to_input_line __P ((char *str));
+void clear_line __P ((char *dummy));
+void enter_line __P ((char *dummy));
+void putbackcursor __P ((void));
+void insert_char __P ((char c));
+void next_word __P ((char *dummy));
+void prev_word __P ((char *dummy));
+void del_word_right __P ((char *dummy));
+void del_word_left __P ((char *dummy));
+void upcase_word __P ((char *dummy));
+void downcase_word __P ((char *dummy));
+void prev_line __P ((char *dummy));
+void next_line __P ((char *dummy));
+void prev_char __P ((char *dummy));
+void next_char __P ((char *dummy));
+void key_run_command __P ((char *cmd));
+#endif /* _EDIT_H_ */