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authorpowwow@askgustav.com <powwow@askgustav.com>2019-03-18 23:05:26 (GMT)
committerSteve Slaven <bpk@hoopajoo.net>2019-04-23 20:37:05 (GMT)
commit304a722c426f47a461dc88c4493f800c0690b29b (patch)
tree151b974354c0c7ec4e89649a949db32f11b56442 /tcp.h
parent7db984561ef8fd0ff9165288324dbc81516113f0 (diff)
remove some non-ANSI C support
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1 files changed, 17 insertions, 17 deletions
diff --git a/tcp.h b/tcp.h
index 1bddf83..550b42a 100644
--- a/tcp.h
+++ b/tcp.h
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ extern int tcp_attachcount; /* number of spawned or attached commands */
extern int conn_max_index; /* 1 + highest used conn_list[] index */
/* multiple connections control */
/* state of telnet connection */
@@ -58,22 +58,22 @@ extern byte conn_table[MAX_FDSCAN]; /* fd -> index translation table */
extern fd_set fdset; /* set of descriptors to select() on */
-int tcp_connect __P ((const char *addr, int port));
-int tcp_read __P ((int fd, char *buffer, int maxsize));
-void tcp_raw_write __P ((int fd, const char *data, int len));
-void tcp_write_escape_iac __P3 (int,fd, const char *,data, int,len);
-void tcp_write_tty_size __P ((void));
-void tcp_write __P ((int fd, char *data));
-void tcp_main_write __P ((char *data));
-void tcp_flush __P ((void));
-void tcp_set_main __P ((int fd));
-void tcp_open __P ((char *id, char *initstring, char *host, int port));
-int tcp_find __P ((char *id));
-void tcp_show __P ((void));
-void tcp_close __P ((char *id));
-void tcp_togglesnoop __P ((char *id));
-void tcp_spawn __P ((char *id, char *cmd));
-int tcp_unIAC __P ((char *data, int len));
+int tcp_connect(const char *addr, int port);
+int tcp_read(int fd, char *buffer, int maxsize);
+void tcp_raw_write(int fd, const char *data, int len);
+void tcp_write_escape_iac(int fd, const char *data, int len);
+void tcp_write_tty_size(void);
+void tcp_write(int fd, char *data);
+void tcp_main_write(char *data);
+void tcp_flush(void);
+void tcp_set_main(int fd);
+void tcp_open(char *id, char *initstring, char *host, int port);
+int tcp_find(char *id);
+void tcp_show(void);
+void tcp_close(char *id);
+void tcp_togglesnoop(char *id);
+void tcp_spawn(char *id, char *cmd);
+int tcp_unIAC(char *data, int len);
#endif /* _TCP_H_ */