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@@ -114,6 +114,21 @@ Wildcards are allowed ($ for a single word, & for any string). Examples:
#mark Sizzler= (Sizzler is no longer put in bold)
#mark (lists all markers)
#mark *&*=inverse (mark in reverse any string in * *)
+#module [module name]
+This loads a shared library module by name, if supported by your system. The
+name of the module should be included in the documentation that came with the
+powwow extension, for example to load the perl module you would use:
+#module perl
+Which gives you the perl command that can be used like:
+#perl powwow::exec( "say it is " . scalar(localtime()) )
+The commands added and their syntax varies depending on the module.
#history [number]