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@@ -298,14 +298,17 @@ expression) to the word completion list. Example:
#action >reply ^$1 tells you={#print;#add $1}
(from now on, you can use TAB to complete that name)
-#option [none|[history][words][exit]]
+#option [+-=]<option> | list
-This command sets a number of options for powwow.
+This command lets you list or change various options of powwow.
+ #option lists all current option settings
+ #option list long list of current options
+ #option =<option> edit current setting of <option>
+ #option +<option> enable <option>
+ #option -<option> disable <option>
+ #option <option> toggle <option>
- history write history lines to the savefiles
- words write words in completion buffer to the savefile
- exit close powwow when the last connection is closes
- none go figure (DEFAULT)
#put {text|(expression)}