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* properly handle when tty writes block; fixes possible lock-up introduced byGustav Hållberg2009-01-161-2/+21
* cleaned up #option code and added '#option list'Gustav Hållberg2009-01-161-1/+3
* fixed tty_raw_write to take a size_t length instead of intGustav Hållberg2009-01-161-3/+1
* manually buffer data written to tty with USE_LOCALE; this fixesGustav Hållberg2009-01-161-13/+72
* fixed some compilation warningsGustav Hållberg2009-01-161-8/+9
* A patch that fixes a problem with not restoring the fcntlSteve Slaven2006-01-311-1/+9
* Wide character (locale) support from Dain, changed output of the compiledSteve Slaven2005-03-211-1/+151
* Convert all `' to "" as per the powwow-1.2.6-dain patch. Note I did not applySteve Slaven2005-03-211-2/+2
* Initial revisionv1.2.7Steve Slaven2005-03-121-0/+774