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fusearchive.py - fuse filesystem daemon that handles block level compression and deduplication in real-time


git clone https://git.hoopajoo.net/projects/fusearchive.git

view online: https://git.hoopajoo.net/cgit/fusearchive/


powwow is a client program, which replaces telnet for the lazy mudder who wants some (only some?) extra features. It is primarily designed for DikuMUDs, but nothing prevents its use for other types of muds. powwow is based on another client, cancan, and cancan was originally inspired by tintin (yet another client) by Peter Unold (pjunold@daimi.aau.dk), but is entirely re-written. powwow also implements the MUME remote editing protocol, which enables you to edit texts on the mud using your own favourite editor, several texts at once if you have a windowing terminal. powwow was written and maintained by Massimiliano Ghilardi and moved here in March of 2005.


git clone https://git.hoopajoo.net/projects/powwow.git

view online: https://git.hoopajoo.net/cgit/powwow/


Remote context for SoftKeys, accepts commands on stdin and executes them in the android framework. Allows you to inject events as root if run through a root shell.


git clone https://git.hoopajoo.net/projects/android/RemoteContext.git

view online: https://git.hoopajoo.net/cgit/android/RemoteContext/


Home screen android hack, replaces launcher to bring up "soft keys" for menu, back, search, etc for android devices that do not have all the hardware buttons. Originally written for the color nook, but would probably work with other devices like the pandigital novel or anything lacking in hardware keys.


git clone https://git.hoopajoo.net/projects/android/SoftKeys.git

view online: https://git.hoopajoo.net/cgit/android/SoftKeys/


Template for creating softkeys themes


git clone https://git.hoopajoo.net/projects/android/SoftKeys.Theme-template.git

view online: https://git.hoopajoo.net/cgit/android/SoftKeys.Theme-template/