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+To set up the project:
+Go to properties -> add external jar -> path to android/platforms/4/android.jar
+To create the jar:
+Right-click the RootContext.java in eclipse -> export -> jar
+This will exclude the stub files needed to compile, creating a normal java
+jar, then you need to make it a dex jar:
+dx --dex --outfile output.jar RootContext.jar
+Include the output.jar file for the app_process jar
+This jar needs to be dx'ed so it will run from android, normally if you
+include a jar in your project and build an apk it will be dx'ed when it is
+put in the apk. Since we use this as an asset and spool it out to run
+natively we must dx it ourself.
+The dx tool can also create a jar from a single .class file, so if you
+compiled using a command line tool you can just create the jar from the
+dx --dex --output=RemoteContext.jar net/hoopajoo/android/RemoteContext.class