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+<title>SoftKeys: Getting Started</title>
+<link rel="StyleSheet" type="text/css" href="style.css"/>
+<div class="header">Getting Started:</div>
+<p>SoftKeys is a home screen replacement and on screen service that
+provides virtual buttons for home, menu, back, and search. In order to
+use SoftKeys you must have a working SuperUser installation on your
+<p>The first time you run SoftKeys from the "home" button, it may look like
+nothing happens because the default configuration is to pass you through to
+your configured home screen. If you've never configured SoftKeys, this
+will simply be the first one it finds on the device. To open the SoftKeys
+home button interface, you will need to "double tap" the hardware home button.
+This behaviour can be changed in the settings.</p>
+<p>If you are using SoftKeys for the first time you should double-tap home,
+press the <b>Settings</b> button, and set your default home screen under
+<b>Virtual Home Button</b> - <b>Normal Press</b></p>
+<p>If you just want to just use the service and not the hardware home
+button behaviors, just set your default home to whatever launcher you like
+and then start SoftKeys from that launcher. The service can still run even
+if you don't make SoftKeys your default home application.</p>
+<div class="header">Tips:</div>
+ <li>If you disable the "Settings" button, you can still get to the
+settings by using your hardware menu key. If you don't have a hardware
+menu key, you can long-press on the SoftKeys center empty area of the
+screen to bring up the settings.</li>
+ <li>Help is available through either the SoftKeys menu via the hardware
+menu button, or from the settings under "About SoftKeys", or by <a href="help.html">clicking here.</a></li>
+ <li>You can drag the service windows around the screen, the service bar
+can be dragged by the "Close" button. The D-Pad window can be dragged by
+the top left and right corners where there are no buttons.</li>
+ <li>You can rotate SoftKeys service bar popup by long-pressing on the
+"Close" button</li>
+ <li>Long-prses the service popper button to show or hide the D-Pad</li>
+ <li>To configure the custom keys, long-press on the + or - below the
+ <li>By default, long-press on the virtual home button in the service
+bar will bring up the main SoftKeys interface to access settings and view
+recent activities.</li>
+If you find SoftKeys useful and would like to support further development,
+consider <a href="market://search?q=pub:&quot;Steve Slaven&quot;">buying some
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+<title>SoftKeys: Help</title>
+<link rel="StyleSheet" type="text/css" href="style.css"/>
+<div style="header"><a href="market://search?q=pub:&quot;Steve Slaven&quot;">Support SoftKeys, Buy Some Themes</a></div>
+ <li><a href="whats_new.html">What's New/Recent Changes</a></li>
+ <li><a href="getting_started.html">Quick Start Guide</a></li>
+ <li><a href="#overview">Overview</a></li>
+ <li><a href="#pref">Preferences</a><ul>
+ <li><a href="#service">SoftKeys Service</a></li>
+ <li><a href="#virtual">Virtual Home Button</a></li>
+ <li><a href="#physical">Physical Home Button</a></li>
+ <li><a href="#visual">Visuals and Layout</a></li>
+ <li><a href="#notification">Notification Bar</a></li>
+ </ul></li>
+ <li><a href="#error_messages">Error Messages</a></li>
+<a name="overview"></a>
+<div class="header">Overview</div>
+<img src="screenshot.jpg">
+ <li><b>1 - Notification bar</b></li>
+ <li><b>2 - Service popper</b>
+ This button can be dragged around the screen to reposition it.
+ Tap to show/hide the service bar. Long-press to enable/disable the
+D-Pad, if enabled the D-Pad will show and hide along with the service bar.</li>
+ <li><b>3 - Service bar</b>
+ Main hardware button input. You can drag this by the "Close" button.
+Long-press on the "Close" button will change the orientation to either
+horizontal or vertical.</li>
+ <li><b>4 - Home activity/Home button interface</b>
+ The main interface that shows when you open SoftKeys. By default, if
+assigned as your main launcher, this will come up if you double-press the
+hardware home button.</li>
+ <li><b>5 - Service D-Pad/Custom Buttons</b>
+ This bar is enabled and disabled by long-pressing on the Service
+Popper. You can move this window by dragging on of the top two corners
+where there are no buttons. The +/- will show or hide more custom buttons.
+To configure the custom buttons, long-press on + or -</li>
+<a name="pref"></a>
+<div class="header">Preferences</div>
+<p>SoftKeys has a lot of options so you can use it the way you like.</p>
+<a name="service"></a>
+<div class="header">Preferences: SoftKeys Service</div>
+<p>These options control the always visible on-screen service. That
+includes the service popper, and the service bar.</p>
+ <li><b>Run Service:</b>
+ Enable or disabled the on-screen service. When
+disabled, the only way to use SoftKeys is through the home-button
+ <li><b>Size:</b>
+ Choose how big the service icons are. By default,
+they are the same size as all icons on the device, but you can make them
+bigger or smaller here.</li>
+ <li><b>Button Bar Transparency:</b>
+ Set the transparency level of the service bar while on screen. Usually
+you will want the service bar to be only a little transparent so you can
+easily identify the buttons.</li>
+ <li><b>D-Pad/Custom Transparency:</b>
+ Set the transparency level of the service D-Pad while on screen.</li>
+ <li><b>Popper Transparency:</b>
+ Set the transparency of the service popper button. Usually you will
+want the service popper to be partially transparent so it doesn't obscure
+the screen.</li>
+ <li><b>Auto Hide:</b>
+ If selected then the service bar will automatically hide after you
+select a button.</li>
+ <li><b>Auto Hide After Back:</b>
+ If left unselected while the Auto Hide option is selected, then hitting
+the back button will not auto hide the bar, but all the other buttons will.
+If selected then hitting back will also auto hide the bar.</li>
+ <li><b>Transparent Background:</b>
+ Hide the service bar background and leave only hovering buttons.</li>
+<a name="virtual"></a>
+<div class="header">Preferences: Virtual Home Button</div>
+<p>These options control the behaviour of the virtual home button in both
+the main SoftKeys interface, and the on-screen softkeys service.</p>
+ <li><b>Normal Press:</b>
+ The launcher to open when you press the virtual home button.</li>
+ <li><b>Long Press:</b>
+ The launcher to open when you long-press the virtual home button, if
+you want easy access to two launchers.</li>
+ <li><b>Return After Back:</b>
+ For the SoftKeys home button interface, checking this box will make it
+re-open the interface if you select the virtual back button. This does not
+effect the SoftKeys service.</li>
+<a name="physical"></a>
+<div class="header">Preferences: Physical Home Button</div>
+<p>These options control what SoftKeys does when you press the physical
+home button on the device if SoftKeys is set as the default launcher.
+<b>These settings only have any effect if SoftKeys is the default
+ <li><b>Home Button:</b>
+ This sets the physical home button behavior. By default, pressing home
+will pass through to your selected "Normal Press" launcher. Double-tapping
+the physical home will bring up the SoftKeys home interface. You can
+change this to be the opposite, single press for SoftKeys, double-press for
+ <li><b>Double Press Time:</b>
+ How many milliseconds to wait for the second home button press.</li>
+<a name="visual"></a>
+<div class="header">Preferences: Visuals and Layout</div>
+<p>These options control the layout of the buttons and any visual elements
+like themes.</p>
+ <li><b>Theme:</b>
+ Select theme. Themes can be downloaded and installed from the market,
+and can change the icons and layouts of the interface.</li>
+ <li><b>Exit Button:</b>
+ If selected, then an exit button will appear in the SoftKeys home
+interface. If unchecked, then there will be no exit button. You can press
+the physical home button to exit SoftKeys if you have to exit button.</li>
+ <li><b>Prefs Button:</b>
+ Enables the preferences button in the SoftKeys home interface. Without
+this button you can still access Preferences through the SoftKeys menu or
+by long-pressing on the black background above the SoftKeys buttons near
+the middle of the screen.</li>
+ <li><b>Blur Behind:</b>
+ If enabled, the background will be blurred when you bring up the home
+button interface. This tends to be slow on many devices and is off by
+ <li><b>Dim Background:</b>
+ Dims the background behind the home interface. This is a fast
+operation and makes it obvious when SoftKeys is the main activity. If
+unselected then the windows behind the home interface will show through
+like normal but you will be unable to interact with them because SoftKeys
+is actually controlling the whole screen when in the home interface.</li>
+ <li><b>Recent Apps:</b>
+ Select to toggle the Recent Apps at the top of the home interface. If
+your device has a disabled Recent Apps (typically long-press home) then
+turning this on will give you similar functionality, as the Recent Apps
+will show at the top of the SoftKeys home screen, and you can tap on the
+icons to launch them.</li>
+ <li><b>Change Button Order:</b>
+ This will bring up another configuration screen allowing you to assign
+the order of the home/menu/back/search buttons. This is the order they
+will show up both in the service and in the home interface.</li>
+<a name="notification"></a>
+<div class="header">Preferences: Notification Bar</div>
+<p>SoftKeys can also add notifications to the notification bar that will
+send virtual key presses.</p>
+ <li><b>SoftKeys Button:</b>
+ Add a notification to launch the home interface to the notification
+ <li><b>Menu Button:</b>
+ Add a notification to to press "menu" from the notification bar</li>
+ <li><b>Home Button:</b>
+ Add a notification to to press "home" from the notification bar</li>
+ <li><b>Back Button:</b>
+ Add a notification to to press "backu" from the notification bar</li>
+ <li><b>Search Button:</b>
+ Add a notification to to press "search" from the notification bar</li>
+<a name="error_messages"></a>
+<div class="header">Error Messages:</div>
+<b>Failed to find file: [filename]</b><br/>
+<p>This error means SoftKeys was unable to find a system component it needs
+to operate. The two main components are SuperUser and the input script.
+Most android devices come preinstalled with the input script, and if your
+phone is rooted it usually has SuperUser installed as well. However it's
+possible to have a rooted phone and not have SuperUser installed. If this
+is the case then SoftKeys will probably not work correctly.</p>
+<p>Usually what will happen is the virtual home button will work, but
+menu/back/search will not. If this is the case, make sure you have a
+working SuperUser installation.</p>
+<b>Unable to check for file: [filename]</b><br/>
+<p>This means the policy manager on the device is disallowing the file
+check. You might see this instead of seeing the "Failed to find file"
+message. This means you may or may not have the required parts, but
+SoftKeys can't tell. SoftKeys may or may not work. If it doesn't work
+right, it will behave as explained above in the "Failed to find file"
+<b>Unable to execute as root</b><br/>
+<p>Something happened and SoftKeys was unable to obtain root access, which
+is required to send key events to other applications. Maybe something is
+wrong with your SuperUser installation, or you have denied SoftKeys root
+access when the SuperUser prompt was shown. In this case, it will function
+as described under "Failed to find file" because it will be unable to
+execute the required commands as root.</p>
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+.header {
+ font-size: 105% ;
+ font-weight: bold
+a {
+ color: blue
+a:visited {
+ color: blue
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+<title>SoftKeys: What's New</title>
+<link rel="StyleSheet" type="text/css" href="style.css"/>
+<p>First time using SoftKeys? <a href="getting_started.html">View the
+Quick Start Guide</a></p>
+<p>If you find SoftKeys useful and would like to support further development,
+consider <a href="market://search?q=pub:&quot;Steve Slaven&quot;">buying
+some themes.</a></p>
+<div class="header">Recent Changes:</div>
+<div class="header">01/11/2011 - v3.05</div>
+ <li>Fix notificatin bar softkeys</li>
+<div class="header">01/10/2011 - v3.04</div>
+ <li>Wait to initialize the orientation listener so we don't crash the
+service if we're not done setting up</li>
+<div class="header">01/10/2011 - v3.03</div>
+ <li>Added arrow keys and custom buttons extra bar</li>
+ <li>Save positions of landscape layout separate from portrait</li>
+ <li>Improved key injection, much more responsive</li>
+ <li>Handle long-press search intent</li>
+ <li>Ability to put device to sleep via custom key</li>
+<div class="header">01/06/2011 - v3.02</div>
+ <li>Fix help navigation bug on froyo</li>
+<div class="header">01/03/2011 - v3.01</div>
+ <li>Released to market</li>
+ <li>Smooth out dragging of service windows</li>
+ <li>Added long-press home function to the service bar to run the
+alternate launcher</li>
+ <li>Service bar now makes direct calls instead of launching intents
+which should speed up the response some</li>
+ <li>Added documentation</li>
+ <li>Fixed startup bug where sometimes you couldn't open the home application</li>
+<div class="header">12/23/2010 - v3.00</div>
+ <li>Added theme support</li>