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* Add long press handler for service home button to use settings from prefsSteve Slaven2011-01-041-1/+1
* Fixed service to call global sendkeys directly, fixed sendkeys to build theSteve Slaven2011-01-043-30/+15
| | | | send string
* Replaced some magic numbers with constantsSteve Slaven2011-01-041-5/+5
* Moved some constants and they key resolver out to a utility classSteve Slaven2011-01-042-14/+93
* Added keyid supportSteve Slaven2011-01-041-1/+4
* Moved main key sending stuff in to globals, added new smaller activity toSteve Slaven2011-01-045-138/+327
| | | | | receive the intents, intents are generic now allowing sending any keycode once the extras are set
* Added more notes about the nook jitterSteve Slaven2011-01-041-6/+11
* Another attempt to reduce jitter by limiting max call per secondSteve Slaven2011-01-041-2/+12
* Repost the new calc coords after ending touch event in case it jittered outSteve Slaven2011-01-032-56/+72
| | | | of place
* Background is white to match webviewSteve Slaven2011-01-031-0/+1
* Make getting started be whats new instead, based on last version code ofSteve Slaven2011-01-033-4/+15
| | | | softkeys installed.
* Make only the stop button rotate the service view, added a basic inputSteve Slaven2011-01-032-32/+25
| | | | | smoother though the display is still jittery, maybe it's a window management problem
* On first run show the home service like normal, allowing the popup to runSteve Slaven2011-01-032-25/+12
| | | | and the view to assemble correctly
* Allow overriding button layouts similar to the container by specifying theSteve Slaven2011-01-031-4/+33
| | | | | | nested id we need to use as the real button, resize background based on our height since that is the only known value we have and it helps for tiling backgrounds
* Adding smoother class to try and stop the drag jitter, currently it doesSteve Slaven2011-01-012-2/+118
| | | | not smoothing but should allow swapping out smoothing ideas pretty easy
* Correctly handle hiding background for button_container views created fromSteve Slaven2010-12-281-3/+20
| | | | xml that have been nested inside another viewgroup
* Nest all the prefs since there are so manySteve Slaven2010-12-282-16/+27
* Pop getting started before we hide first timeSteve Slaven2010-12-281-5/+5
* Add real menu so people may see "help" quicker instead of digging in theSteve Slaven2010-12-283-1/+40
| | | | prefs
* Add help/getting started documentsSteve Slaven2010-12-277-0/+168
* Allow specifying the button container id in the theme config if you want toSteve Slaven2010-12-271-22/+28
| | | | wrap it up in an override xml layout
* Allow specifying tiling modes in the theme config, allow overriding theSteve Slaven2010-12-272-3/+86
| | | | | button container view with some kind of wrapper view and specifying the actual view group to add buttons to
* Add theme flags to resize background the same way we resize icons soSteve Slaven2010-12-272-1/+44
| | | | everything is the same size
* Remove unused importsSteve Slaven2010-12-233-12/+0
* Initial commitv3.00Steve Slaven2010-12-2336-0/+2891