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+<title>SoftKeys: Getting Started</title>
+<link rel="StyleSheet" type="text/css" href="style.css"/>
+<div class="header">Getting Started:</div>
+<p>SoftKeys is a home screen replacement and on screen service that
+provides virtual buttons for home, menu, back, and search. In order to
+use SoftKeys you must have a working SuperUser installation on your
+<p>The first time you run SoftKeys from the "home" button, it may look like
+nothing happens because the default configuration is to pass you through to
+your configured home screen. If you've never configured SoftKeys, this
+will simply be the first one it finds on the device. To open the SoftKeys
+home button interface, you will need to "double tap" the hardware home button.
+This behaviour can be changed in the settings.</p>
+<p>If you are using SoftKeys for the first time you should double-tap home,
+press the <b>Settings</b> button, and set your default home screen under
+<b>Virtual Home Button</b> - <b>Normal Press</b></p>
+<p>If you just want to just use the service and not the hardware home
+button behaviors, just set your default home to whatever launcher you like
+and then start SoftKeys from that launcher. The service can still run even
+if you don't make SoftKeys your default home application.</p>
+<div class="header">Tips:</div>
+ <li>If you disable the "Settings" button, you can still get to the
+settings by using your hardware menu key. If you don't have a hardware
+menu key, you can long-press on the SoftKeys center empty area of the
+screen to bring up the settings.</li>
+ <li>Help is available through either the SoftKeys menu via the hardware
+menu button, or from the settings under "About SoftKeys", or by <a href="help.html">clicking here.</a></li>
+ <li>You can drag the service windows around the screen, the service bar
+can be dragged by the "Close" button. The D-Pad window can be dragged by
+the top left and right corners where there are no buttons.</li>
+ <li>You can rotate SoftKeys service bar popup by long-pressing on the
+"Close" button</li>
+ <li>Long-prses the service popper button to show or hide the D-Pad</li>
+ <li>To configure the custom keys, long-press on the + or - below the
+ <li>By default, long-press on the virtual home button in the service
+bar will bring up the main SoftKeys interface to access settings and view
+recent activities.</li>
+If you find SoftKeys useful and would like to support further development,
+consider <a href="market://search?q=pub:&quot;Steve Slaven&quot;">buying some