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* Russions translation from Nikk GitanesSteve Slaven2011-02-152-0/+181
* Add bootup option if you want the service without running as your defaultSteve Slaven2011-02-152-1/+52
* button graphicsSteve Slaven2011-01-273-0/+0
* Add power/volume up/volume down keys to service and home screen, addSteve Slaven2011-01-274-3/+116
* Missing resourcesSteve Slaven2011-01-128-0/+0
* Fix transparency bugSteve Slaven2011-01-101-0/+8
* Add some paddingSteve Slaven2011-01-101-0/+1
* Add options for extra transparencySteve Slaven2011-01-102-0/+10
* Make each button 1 row, 2 per row gets too squishedSteve Slaven2011-01-102-77/+31
* Add exit optionSteve Slaven2011-01-101-0/+1
* Add exit optionSteve Slaven2011-01-101-0/+2
* Layouts for service extra buttons and configure extra buttonsSteve Slaven2011-01-102-0/+261
* Background is white to match webviewSteve Slaven2011-01-031-0/+1
* Nest all the prefs since there are so manySteve Slaven2010-12-282-16/+27
* Add real menu so people may see "help" quicker instead of digging in theSteve Slaven2010-12-282-0/+10
* Add help/getting started documentsSteve Slaven2010-12-273-0/+53
* Initial commitv3.00Steve Slaven2010-12-2326-0/+896